We build Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Based Products

Our Packaged Offerings

Straight From The Factories

Custom GPT Build

Automate tasks, such as customer service, data analysis, and content creation to increase productivity.

Smart Chatbot

Provide 24/7 customer support, handle simple queries, and collect customer information to free up your humans.

Document Processing Tool

Streamline administrative tasks, reduce errors, save time, and improve accuracy to allow your humans to focus on more strategic tasks.

Intelligent Email Responder

Automate routine and repetitive email tasks, reduce response times, and handle high email volumes to improve customer satisfaction.

NLU Search

NLU (Natural Language Understanding) search helps you to allow your customers to search for information using natural language, resulting in more accurate results and improved customer satisfaction.


Convert your email knowledge exchanges into a powerful knowledge base.

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How they're built

We are an “all in” AWS services firm.  This means that our solutions we offer are built in AWS.  Our engineers are AWS natives that have given many years of their life to learning how to build the best solutions on their platform.


Paving The Way
Towards Innovation With Natural Language

Cypag, an Italy based manufacturing company, hired Function Factories to build a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) machine learning model to quickly find information in large volumes of unstructured email data. Once it was trained, the model was able to extract important information from emails, allowing the company to find the information they need faster and more efficiently. This saved time and resources, while also improving the accuracy of the information found!

Finding Sermons with a Serverless Search Application

Graymere, a large congregational church located in Columbia, Tennessee, has thousands of past sermons they wanted to make available to their members.  Graymere partnered withFunction Factories to build a serverless application that allowed their members to search past sermons by name.