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Decades of Old Data Suddenly Becomes Available

Graymere Church, located in Columbia, Tennessee, is a very popular congregation in their local community.  However, they had a small problem that rose concern to their head IT director.  The problem was quite simple: members and staff wanted to be able to search and listen to old sermons by popular pastors that have preached at Graymere, and they had no way of doing that.  At the time, all past sermons, which had a quantity of thousands, sat in an on-premise storage device.  Not only did they have to make that storage device, or the data in it, available, but they needed to be a search and recover application to fetch sermons by name.

FunctionFactories worked along side Graymere Church to migrate the large amount of data to their AWS account.  Once all data was securely in an Amazon S3environment,  Function Factories began to work on what they do best:functions.  There needed to be a search function to parse through the sermons and fetch matches based on key words inputted by the end user. Once Function Factories established this, they were able to tie in a front endGUI so users can search easily from their desktop or mobile phone.  What if a new sermon needed to be added or an old sermon needs to be deleted? Function Factories were on top of that, too.  They were able to create a number of functions that updated the search results whenever new sermons were added/deleted to the original source Amazon S3 environment.  They took all this and tied it nicely into Graymere's existing website.


Today, Graymere's members and staff have fast and easy access to all past sermons.  This makes their mission more attainable, and because its all done through a serverless lens, the solution is extremely cost efficient.  Graymere was thrilled by the final solution, and FunctionFactories was happy to enable them.

Technologies Used

Amazon API Gateway

AWS Lambda

Amazon S3