Providing Advanced Technologies to Small Business.
Powerful. Simple. AI Based Solutions.

We strive to deliver the very best, most advanced artificial intelligence solutions to small business.
See our newest product, Sevont, as proof to our capabilities.

Efficient. Streamlined. Personalized for your business.

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We empower small business
with Advanced AI solutions.

We focus primarily on small business that strive to become more agile. After many year experience, we have learned that small business needs advanced cloud solutions just as much as enterprise.

Traditionally, advanced artificial intelligence or machine learning solutions have only been available to enterprise due to the high cost of development.

We make this more affordable for small business.

Industry innovation

CyPag recognized a common pattern within their organization. They noticed that employees were asking other employees questions that can be found somewhere in their data. Those valuable answers were buried in the company emails. Knowing the employees couldn't just search multiple inboxes effectively, he hired Function Factories for NLU Search.

Empowered all employees
Increased speed and turnaround
Leveraged email as a conversational database

Meet "Chuck the chatbot"

Ask difficult questions about one of the below shows to imagine what it can do for your customers asking questions about your business.

Who is Function Factories?

Innovation Minded

Function Factories focuses on innovation. The goal is to supply firms with innovation through machine learning and AI.

Small and agile

Although filled with tremendous experienced and knowledge, Function Factories remains small and nimble in order to server our target market more effectively.

AWS Focused

As a partner of AWS through the AWS Partner Network (APN), Function Factories focuses on building customer solutions in AWS. The maturity of this cloud allows for advanced/secure solutions for end users.

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