Query your inbox with natural semantics

Search or your inbox(es) as if it were Google:
“Insulation quotes we’ve given”
“Cylinders used for food or drinks”
“What is the difference between duplex and super duplex?”
NLU Email Search is search application designed for you to find information in your inbox.  This enables customers to not only find desired information, but query the inbox with a Question and Answer method.
Key use case:
Horton Miller is an industrial fluids company that specializes in metal protection. They have just hired a new sales employee that received a question from his prospect regarding non-ferrous protection. Fishing through past emails while on the phone would take too long. His only option is to ask the client if he could get back to them, hang up, and search his email or ask a more tenured employee.

Simple, yet powerful features

Natural Language Understanding

NLU is an ever growing technology and is quickly becoming a must-have. This is true machine learning and it has one goal: to understand the true meaning of your query. Far beyond simple key-word search.

Multiple results

Within the machine learning model, NLU Search provides multiple results for your natural query. Number of results can be customized per customer request.

Highlighted findings

Vector identification in certain indexes allow the model to pinpoint an answer, then it leaves it to artificial intelligence to highlight. Highlighting potential answers saves you time, making you faster.

Clickable results

Many times our customers want to open the entire email chain for more context. NLU Search offers clickable links to open such chains.

User results rating

Notice the thumbs up/thumbs down. This allows you to provide feedback to the model so it can provide more accurate results in the future.

Attachments Included

Most emails that contain valuable information have attachments. NLU Search pulls the attachments that are correlated with the email chain in order to give you all the information at your finger tips.

How it works

This solution is built entirely in AWS. Don't have an AWS account yet? We will get you all set up and secure.

You own your data

Our solution is deployed in AWS. If you don't have an AWS account yet, we will create one in accordance to the "Well Architected Framework" to ensure security. Your emails stay with you.


Data transfer from your email server to an Amazon S3 bucket is encrypted. All transformations take place in a private subnet where theres no outside access.

Data Transformation

Emails are put in a raw S3 bucket, then transformed to JSON for the machine learning model. The model learns the data and stores in an index.

Seemless Retrieval

Queries are submitted through interface into a machine learning endpoint for understanding and retrieval.